Marsa International Company for Customs Clearance

Marsa International Air Cargo Company is a national company that is one of the leading companies in the logistical field and is one of the most prominent providers of supply chain services through a group of facilities, logistical facilities and export centers and its support, a fleet of diverse modes of transport, whose services cover the import and export system in the Kingdom for 20 years since its inception

Integrated logistics solutions

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logistics services

We are constantly working on developing integrated services for our customers with a range of logistical solutions to support supply chains to meet all their logistical requirements for all commercial and industrial facilities

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international shipping

International freight is one of the most important services provided in the company, as freight operations constitute a large proportion of the services provided to our customers, and we enjoy a wide network of more than 400 freight agencies in more than 125 countries around the world, which makes Marsa International Air Cargo the ideal provider of freight forwarding for all commercial sectors and industry in the Kingdom

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Customs Clearance

Our long experience in providing customs clearance services extends over 20 years, to become now the largest provider of customs clearance services in the Kingdom

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Storage Solutions

We are continuously expanding in establishing and equipping logistic yards and warehouses to meet all the needs of our customers in different sectors of their business and the diversity of their goods. We have equipped more than a thousand square meters of storage yards in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and we aim to expand to increase our capacity

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Phone: +966 114 020 001
Mobile: +966 568 884 014 

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